National Facial Protection Month

Posted on August 20, 2020


It’s National Facial Protection Month. Protect your smile all season long.


Spring is here. And, for most of us, that means it’s full-on soccer, baseball, skateboarding and lets-get-outside-and-do-something-athletic season. According to the Academy of Sports Dentistry as well as the American Pediatric Dentistry, children ages 7 – 11 are more likely to get a sports related mouth injury than any other age group. These types of injuries can range from broken teeth, injuries to your lips, tongue, and your cheek lining. Mouth guards, also known as mouth protectors, help cushion the blow reducing these risks. What’s interesting is that there are a few different types of mouth guards out there. Which is why choosing the right one can be a little trickier than you’d expect.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of mouth protectors out there:

1) Custom-made. A custom mold is created in your dentist or orthodontist’s office and then three to four weeks later your mouth guard is ready to be worn. These mouth guards are more expensive, but the benefit is that they fit your teeth perfectly. Meaning, they’re more comfortable and won’t accidentally fall out in the middle of a big moment.

2) Boil & Bite. These mouth guards become soft in boiling water and then you place them into your mouth where you bite down so the plastic can form to the shape of your mouth and teeth. You can get these at any number of places like a sporting goods store, or a drugstore.  Boil and bite mouth guards usually fit better than a stock mouth guard because there is some amount of customization with these. Although, they aren’t near as comfortable as the ones you can get from Stoutland and Hayes Orthodontics. Make sure you choose a Boil and Bite mouth guard that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance, like CustMbite MVP and CustMBite Pro.

3) Stock Mouth Guards. These are usually very inexpensive and come ready to wear. Unfortunately, they typically don’t fit well. Also, they can make breathing and talking more difficult. What we’ve noticed is that many people who have tried a stock mouth guard, eventually end up with a boil and bite mouth guard or a custom-made one.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Yet, one thing is certain: Make sure you and your kids’ smiles are well-protected this spring and summer – and year-round, for that matter. You should even wear a mouth guard when you’re playing a sport you wouldn’t normally imagine needing one for, like gymnastics, or skateboarding.

So, get out there and have some fun! It is Spring, after all.

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